english summer.

I love blogging! It makes me feel productive on my long student summer holiday, hehe! I am writing to you during a very cold and windy summer day! ENGLISH SUMMERS?! I just thought I’d write an update to say that there was no cows milk used in my cereal yesterday, so the mystery still hasn’t been solved! But nevermind. breakfast today was the usual bran flakes, banana and soy milk and I just snacked on a chocolate chip clif bar as I am waiting for the boyf to come back from his cycle before I prepare lunch which I have decided will be multiseed pitta bread with a mushroom burger and salad! YUMMY!

Oh and stay tuned for a recipe for very simple delicious vegan blueberry muffins! I made them last night after dinner (which was veggie ratatouille with couscous) and they turned out so pretty,

Ciao for now lovelies,
herb xo


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