run rabbit run rabbit.

Happy Weekend, I hope you all had a fabulous one 🙂 Well today the plan for me is to go running and then try and get through a mountain of university reading! I haven’t been running in a bit as I have got lazy and been forgetting (oops). I was previously working on working up to running for 60 minutes! I currently am running around the local park for 30 minutes then power walking the five ish minutes back home but had increased that to 35 minutes running and five minutes walking back home! I really want to get back into doing this and am starting today! I am hoping that writing this in here will give me the accountability (sp?) I need to get my bum moving! I am feeling a bit blah about exercise recently, I have occasionally been cycling but I still miss my twice a week body step class! I used to love it! It was such a fun high energy class that the 60 minutes used to fly by. Also, I miss yoga 😦 my yoga mat is lying redundant and I feel blue! to do: find a decent yoga dvd to use whilst class isn’t on. I can’t afford to get to the classes now which is why I have resorted to dusting off the old running shoes and getting back onto the roads! My boyfriend was so lovely and brought me a bright pink shuffle to help me get motivated!

It definitely does help 🙂 Any hoo, I’m off to read and drink tea whilst reading blogs. I am so THERE.

Ciao bella, xo


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